In 1987's Spaceballs, how does Pizza the Hutt die?

Someday we will be without the genius of Mel Brooks — the artist who is not only unafraid to satire literally anything, but nails it every damn time.

1987's Spaceballs — a send-up primarily of Star Wars, but really of any space movie of your choice from the 1960s up to the release of the film — has no right to be as beloved as it is. I once saw Bill Pullman receive a lifetime achievement award, and the presenter asked him about, of all things, Spaceballs.

Of course, one of my favorite characters was always the delightfully disgusting yet appetizing Pizza the Hutt. Sometimes the genius lies in not overthinking the puns, guys.

Spoiler alert: Pizza the Hutt ends up dead. But how does he die?

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