How long did the opening action scene from The Matrix take to shoot?

I'm the kind of person who always takes a moment whenever they're holding a spoon, just to see if, you know, there is no spoon.

Turns out there always is a spoon, but that doesn't really ruin my enjoyment of  1999's The Matrix, one of those rare movies that somehow did something totally new even though now it seems totally obvious. That's because it was the first one to break through with this concept, and beyond the technical advances of the film it's a movie that has left indelible marks on our culture.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty of how it was made, it gets even more interesting. Like that opening scene, where Trinity basically beats up on some hapless cops and runs around on walls. It's what, a couple of minutes of screen time?

But how long did it take to actually shoot?


And yeah, we won't leave you hangin'.