What's the name Bastian gives the Childlike Empress in The Neverending Story?

Let's say you're a young kid circa 1984. Not a lot of friends — in fact, bullies often force you to hide inside dumpsters. Not only that, your dad wears suits and has a mustache and just doesn't get you.

What do you do? Try to have a heartfelt talk with Dad? Talk to a school counselor? Get some new sneakers so kids think you're cool?

Nah, you would definitely shoplift a book and hide in your school's attic (do schools have attics?) reading it all day and night.

The Neverending Story, honestly, doesn't get enough credit these days. Especially from kids who say things like, "meh, it's fine" or "the effects are really cheesy" when you beg them to watch it and sell them on the idea that it stands the test of time and they'll totally be glad they chose that over a modern MCU movie.

Well, I still think it's great, damn it — but upon a recent viewing, something occurred to me that I had never thought about before: what the hell is Bastian yelling into the wind towards the end?

Let's find out.

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