What's the name of the robot daughter on Small World?

There are those who would say that Small Wonder is clearly an ALF rip-off.

A light sci-fi plot where a family has to keep one of the family members secret for whatever reason, there’s a nosy neighbor always about to find out, and the main character learns what it is to be human. In Wonder it’s a robot girl, in ALF it’s an alien that’s hundreds of years old and eats cats. Ta-may-toe / ta-mah-toe.

Then there are those who would say that ALF is actually a ripoff of Small Wonder, since ALF came out like a year later. To which I say: ever heard of time travel?!!?

I guess we’ll never know which show ripped off which, but we do know the name of a very important character in Small Wonder, which ran from 1985 to 1989 — the character who made the entire situation comedic, in fact.

What was the robot daughter’s name?

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