Who is the protagonist in The Secret of Monkey Island?

George Lucas is a damn magician.

Let’s consider the things that have been invented if not directly by him, then because of him: basically every innovation in special effects; Pixar; digital filmmaking; and, perhaps most importantly, the point-and-click adventure game.

That’s right, Lucasfilm Games was behind 1990’s seminal The Secret of Monkey Island. And while it’s unfair to give George Lucas really any credit for this game, that’s what happens when you work for a company that has his name in it. Sorry dudes.

Kids today will never know the thrill of moving a cursor around a screen for 30 minutes just trying to find a random item, or clicking “talk” on the same character 50 times until the clue they’re giving you finally makes sense.

But while you certainly remember exploring Mêlée Island, do you remember who you explored it as?

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